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What we do

We purchase green coffee from some of the best farms and producers around—partnering with farmers who have the same ideals we do. Treating everyone with respect and fairness. All of our purchases are sustainable, traceable, and environmentally sound. We believe that coffee should be roasted to highlight its best natural flavors, so we do not have a cookie-cutter approach to green coffee shipment we receive. Through much care and experimentation, we roast each one in many different profiles to find its best flavors. The result is a cup of coffee that highlights its terroir and the quality of its picking, processing, and roasting. You will find sweetness, clarity, and balance in the cup and no roastiness, baked flavors, or underdevelopment. We roast to order so that you always receive the freshest coffee. It is very important for us to only buy green beans that are paid for fairly and are traceable right to the place they are grown and processed. That is why we only work with farmers who have these same ideals. Our mission is to be fair and help the lives of the farmers. By supporting this mission we get in return some very beautiful coffee. We hope that when you buy and brew any of our coffees you feel the love and passion we put into sourcing and roasting. Each purchase is genuinely helping the coffee community and farmers where it was grown.


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Coffee sourcing means planning far ahead, continually requesting, tasting, and comparing notes on samples from around the world. We do this so that as coffees go in and out of season, we can continue to provide the blends you love without altering the style and flavor that define them.


This is always a bit of a moving target. Like apples or wines, coffees of different origins have vastly different tastes and complex layers of notes, owing to their distinct backgrounds.



  * Different genetics (like grapes, there are storied “families” of coffee varieties!)

  * Growing conditions (soil, elevation, shade)

  * And of course processing (wet, dry, honey, etc...


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We are fully aware that roasting, like blending, is part art and part science.

Luckily, we are well versed in this dark art!

Roasting is a skilled process, something which needs to be approached with a great deal of care, love and attention. If not, the results will not be good and nothing upsets us more than a badly roasted batch of coffee.

When the green coffee reaches our warehouse, we do not just lump all of them into the roaster and leave them in there for the same amount of time – that would be sacrilegious!

It all depends on the specific job that is at hand.

No two blends, single origin or seasonal micro-lot coffees are treated the same. Each product is treated individually in terms of roasting temperature, style and profile in order to ensure both quality and consistency.

At the end of the process, our high skilled and experienced roasters cool the beans before being subjected to a number of sensory tests.

Finally, our continuously thirsty panel of tasters makes sure that the roast’s intended flavour profile has been met.

There you have it, exceptional coffee that is always carefully roasted.Every variety is roasted individually and handled with care. So, whether you are seduced by the deep flavours of our Fairtrade Java, taken aback by our flat white friendly Super Crema or in awe of the delicate notes of our single origins and micro-lots, you can be assured that we get the most out of each bean.


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Some of the roasted beans are packaged as coffee (whole) beans and some are ground.  Finally the ground coffee is sealed.  Our coffee pouches have a one-way valve which allows the freshly roasted coffee to de-gas (release carbon dioxide) without allowing air to enter the sealed bag.  It is also made up of a three layered best quality pouch which helps retain the quality of our coffee over a long period of time.