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How to Brew Coffee Without Equipment

You'll Need
  • Ground Coffee

  • Hot Water

  • Kitchen Scale

  • Spoon

  • Strainer(Metal, Paper, Fabric)


  1. Boil the water using whatever method you have access to.

  2. Add 10g or 2 table spoon coffee to a pot, jar, or a coffee mug.

  3. Pour 160g(ml) water in to a coffee pot, jar or a mug.

  4. Brew the coffee, wait for 4min, take a spoon and stir carefully.

  5. Strain out the grounds, we recommend using paper or fabric filter to strain the coffee into the coffee mug.

Important Tips

  • Coffee grind size use medium coarse coffee grounds. Here the general rule is go finer for lighter roast coffee and coarser for darker roast coffee.

  • Water temperature use boiling water. Here the general rule for water temperature is higher the temperature for lighter roast, lower the temperature for darker roast.

  • Coffee and Water ratio use 16g of water to every 16g of coffee this means 1:16 coffee and water ratio.

  • Pre wetting your paper filter or fabric filter using boiling water before use it to filter your coffee to avoid paper or fabric taste into your coffee.

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